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th_vsg_10.jpg: 200x150, 30k (December 01, 2011, at 10:13 AM)
CangDN-1.jpg: 200x125, 31k (December 01, 2011, at 10:13 AM)
th_vsg_02.jpg: 200x150, 5k (December 01, 2011, at 10:13 AM)
Khok82-1.jpg: 200x125, 36k (December 01, 2011, at 10:13 AM)
ns1.jpg: 700x439, 262k (December 01, 2011, at 10:13 AM)
vsg_01.jpg: 600x450, 55k (December 01, 2011, at 10:13 AM)

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