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Hướng dẫn cài đặt trên MS Visual Studio .NET 2003 (Cập nhật ngày 1/9/2005)

Trước hết hãy download file { Δ} khoảng (21Mb)

UPDATE (4/5/04) ! If you have trouble with these build instructions, highlight the 'Example osgbluemarble' project in the Solution Explorer window. From the menu bar, select 'Project'... 'Unload Project'. If you want to run this example later, refer to this page.

NOTES: This versioded from the nightly tarball on Saint Patrick's Day. The online documentation for OSG code is based on code from the last release - version 0.9.6-2, October 2003. Any code changes made to OSG between October 2003 and March 2004 will not be reflected in the online documentation. Most of these changes do not impact the application programmer interface. Refer to the user forum for updates.

There are a variety of ways to build and configure OSG and its dependencies. The advertised method can be found here. The primary differences of this method that it is Windows/Visual Studio specific and it uses a different directory structure (and thus requires different environment variables and include, library paths).

Extract the zip file to the folder of your choice. ("C:\Projects\" seems to work well. If you use a different directory, specify that installation path in place of each reference to "C:\Projects\" below.) When compiled, this project takes 3.8Gb of disk space!

Add the following user or system Environment Variables (In Windows XP, right click on 'My Computer', select 'Properties'... 'Advanced'... 'Environment Variables'... 'New')

    Value: C:\Projects\Open Scene Graph\Open Scene Graph-Data

Append the following to your 'Path' environment variable: (You may want to cut and paste the value of your existing path environment variable to a text file *just in case*.)

Select the 'Path' environment variable, select the 'Edit' option. Paste the following to the end of the string:

;C:\Projects\Open Scene Graph\Dependencies\bin;C:\Projects\Open Scene Graph\Version-0.9.6-2\bin

Before launching visual studio, double-click on the file named 'highlight71.reg' in the folder C:\Projects\Open Scene Graph\Version-0.9.6-2\Visual Studio?\. This will enable correct syntax highlighting in open scene graph files.

Launch Visual Studio by opening the 'Visual Studio?.sln' file in the C:\Projects\Open Scene Graph\Version-0.9.6-2\Visual Studio?\ folder.

In Visual Studio Select ‘Tools’ … ‘Options’ … 'Projects' … 'VC++ Directories'

Select 'Include files' and add...

    C:\Projects\Open Scene Graph\Dependencies\include
    C:\Projects\Open Scene Graph\Version-0.9.6-2\include

Select 'Library files' and add...

    C:\Projects\Open Scene Graph\Dependencies\lib
    C:\Projects\Open Scene Graph\Version-0.9.6-2\lib

From the toolbar select 'Build'... 'Batch Build'... 'Select All'... 'Build'

Take the dog for walk, read a book to the kids...

Browse through and execute some of the examples. For some of the projects, you'll need to specify an input file. Sample input files can be found under the data directory (C:\Projects\Open Scene Graph\Open Scene Graph-Data). To specify which file to load right-click on the project name in the Class View or File View window and select 'Properties', under 'Configuration Properties', select 'Debugging'. For 'Command Arguments' specify a file name. Any file with a .osg extension or for which you've compiled a plugin should work.


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